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Oktagon Games

About Us

We are a mobile game startup founded in 2008 by professionals with more than 10 years of industry experience!


To produce games that promote pure fun for our players and to create a lasting relationship between Oktagon Games and our players..


To be an exemplar in the mobile game market by gaining fans from all over the world through the quality of our entertainment products. ​

At Oktagon Games, we do things our own way. We:

■ Cultivate innovation through ideas and creativity

■ Always maintain commitment and dedication

■ Build team spirit in a relaxed environment

■ Value respect for others and diversity

Meet our team and join us!

Ronaldo Cruz
Bruno Gaspar
Hugo Matsumoto
Lucas Henriques
Guilherme Evangelista
Emanuel Tavares
Diogo Matsumoto
Pedro Estigarribia
Thorben Jensen
Matheus Funfas
Alain Valchera
Augusto Rocha
Gustavo Mendonça
Kenny Rafael
Thiago Januário
Maria Galdini
Danilo Dias
Arthur Fukushima
Gabriel Dias
Eric Ito
Giovanne Striquer
Lucas Anizelli
Youri Mattar
Fabiano Marumo
Aline Costa
Rafael Dias
Fabiano Mello
Lucas Messias
Bruno Dannelo
João Matheus
Marcela Gimenez
Felipe Soares
Angelo Catharino
João Vidotto
Hugo Hideo
Alan Cardoso
Renan Laureano
Maher Ali
Picko Johnny