We are Live Ops Experts

What are "live ops" for us?

Live Operations (Live Ops) is usually defined as all the improvements a team will make to a game while it’s live.

This could mean just adding in the features and improvements missing from the MVP soft launch, or it could mean adding new levels to a game after launch.

Regularly updating your game has been proven time and time again to stabilize your DAU rate, increase engagement, and drive profits. However, constantly updating your game is also very costly.

That’s what live ops is about: defining and improving how you maintain a product for the long term while keeping your maintenance costs as low as possible.



Creation of new game content to keep your players engaged and excited while minimizing production costs.


Management of customer support, social media accounts, and other points of contact with the player. Ensure players can give feedback and you can get problems fixed quickly.


Upselling player’s currency conversions and in-app purchases, generating more revenue.


Aside from analyses and tests, we also use feedback to create new features and improve products over time.


Development of new and special events that encourage players to play in new ways, which generates greater engagement and/or revenue.

Benefits of delegating live ops to us:


Reduces your time to market for new games.

We take care of maintaining your existing games in the best way possible.


Our operations team will always be available for you. We’ll be the sole point of contact for all your needs. This means you won’t need to manage multiple teams.


Gets your game on more platforms, extends its overall life cycle, and increases revenues.


You’ll save 30 - 40% on average when you do live ops. You’ll then be able to use the extra profit for more development.

How do I transfer live ops of my game to you?

We believe on the potential of liveops!


We will review and discuss your project and the scope of work needed to maintain it together with you. This will include plans for future updates/live ops.


Depending on the needs of the project, there may be a period during which your team and ours work together to maintain the game. This is to ensure that we get up to speed in a short span of time so that we can continue to support the game independently as quickly as possible.


Our side will take care of all the development and maintenance. We communicate with you regularly to ensure that we always meet your expectations and goals. We recommend you assign a contact person for our team on your side so we’ll always stay in sync with yours.