Our Highest-Grossing Titles

Oktagon Team is proud to be working with great brands and partners around the world. We have produced or co-produced 22 titles since our inception. Here are some of our highlights:


A puzzle-style gem-matching game established as a sequel to the Puzzle Quest franchise. This game incorporates elements of the Magic: the Gathering (MTG) card game.

The game uses almost all aspects of MTG cards, but these have been adapted to the concepts of Match-3 games. Some of the elements adapted are:

  • Cards                 

  • Planeswalkers           

  • Colors

The game board is used as a way to generate mana for the cards in order to summon them on the battlefield.

Each Planeswalker has one or more colors. This influences the play mode, as they receive bonuses (or detriments) depending on the color of the planeswalker. In addition to the 5 gem colors, there are also so-called loyalty gems, which don’t exist in standard MTG, only in MtGPQ. By destroying these, Planeswalkers get mana points, which can then be spent on special abilities.


Trial of Titans is a turn-based battle RPG that drops you right in the middle of a conflict between fantastic races and factions that wish to take control of a world where humans are no more. Align yourself with creatures, heroes and mighty titans and control them through challenging battles, each one telling a bit more about the story of this mysterious universe.

  • Discover new heroes and units in each story

  • Upgrade your characters and unlock new abilities.

  • Defeat your enemies and uncover the secrets of each faction

  • Summon your Titan and conquer the battlefield 


Armies & Ants is a fast-paced 3D strategy action game where you control Unique Heroes and Armies to battle against other players.


Collect Epic Heroes, build up the Legendary Ant Colony, train Armies, and steal resources with friends.

Control insect robot Armies whose abilities, combined with the Hero Skills, open up new strategies and battle experiences.


Develop the heart of your colony, the huge Ant Queen, which defends your colony and provides more defensive and offensive technologies.


Command and control powerful heroes and minion armies in Dungeon Battles: Heroes of the Throne. Experience AWESOME 3D graphics, build an EPIC Dungeon, fend off invaders, battle other players from around the world, and form strategic alliances in the ultimate combat-strategy game.


Players command and direct every unit as they make use of personalized strategies to prioritize targets and destroy enemy dungeons, adding a whole new level of depth and strategy to the game.